So I’m not the best person around people. To say I am a socially awkward person would be a bit of an overstatement, however I am a very, VERY socially inept person. I can communicate easily and readily with my peers and friends but whenever I get around people I admire in even the slightest way I am little more than a babbling baby. My default reaction to all social situations that don’t revolve around some sort of sporting event is to 1) run away 2) hide in a corner 3)runaway and hide in a corner. When the situation demands that I interact with people I tend to melt into a gibbering puddle of man flesh. On top of that I have an oppressive discomfort around large crowds, they drive me nuts.

All of that means one thing; PAX, the Penny Arcade eXpo (the largest gaming convention in the Pacific Northwest run by arguably the most successful web comic creators) is about as close to a nightmare as you can get for me. It is not something I would enjoy at all. In any way.

So it is odd that this year, for the first time in 13 years, I found myself attending…